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Learning for the Future


What does the future hold for our children? What current jobs, resources and skills will become redundant? Sacred Heart School embraces the challenges of preparing our students for the realities of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. Our curriculum is one of dynamism, excellence and challenge. 

Student Leadership and Public Speaking feature prominently in our approach to teaching and learning.

Digital Technologies is incorporated into all aspects of curriculum and well resourced at Sacred Heart with a variety of devices for all students to access and use as tools to support their learning.

Problem Solving , Collaboration and Inquiry Learning feature strongly in the curriculum and the collaborative teaching and learning approach. Our students engage in an Inquiry approach to learning - a more genuinely integrated approach with the focus on the learning of fundamental principles and concepts, where a strong emphasis is placed upon student-centred learning and the process of investigation. Within the Inquiry framework attention is given to the nature of learning, the enhancement of learning and the facilitating of learning.

Sustainability and Environmental awareness, respect and care for the environment, create healthy awareness approaches to curriculum development. Vegetable gardens and healthy nutrition are features of these programs.

Asian Perspectives and an outlook on global thinking influence the curriculum. Mandarin is the language taught from Prep to Year 6. We celebrate the Chinese culture with an annual Mandarin Day for all students around the Chinese new year.

Learning Support is provided through small focused teaching groups, individual work with the classroom teacher or a Learning Support Officer.  Our students also benefit from the Reading Recovery intervention program in Year 1.

A strong emphasis is placed on the use of technology as a tool to support student learning. Each learning space is equipped with desktop computers, iPads, laptops, chromebooks, interactive whiteboards and panels.