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Education in Faith


As a Catholic School, Sacred Heart exists in the Parish of Sacred Heart Kew to provide a learning environment within the Catholic context and framework Christian Values and Beliefs.


Our Religious Education program at Sacred Heart encompasses inter-related aspects of Spirituality, formal Religious Education lessons, Liturgy and Prayer, preparation for and celebration of the Sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation, a strong emphasis on Social Justice and Class and School Masses during the Term and at Sunday Masses.


“The Catholic School is a sacred landscape where faith, culture and life are in dialogue and where learners are empowered to shape and enrich their world with meaning, purpose and hope derived from their encounter with life and the teachings of Jesus. In this context, approaches to curriculum and pedagogy which are deeply rooted in faith, must empower students with the essential knowledge, skills and capacities for active citizenship and lifelong learning.”


Parish of Sacred Heart Kew
Parish Priest:  Father John Madden

Address: PO Box 3221 Cotham LPO
116 Cotham Rd KEW 3101
Phone Number: 9853 6701
Fax Number: 9853 0430
Email: kew@cam.org.au