Learning & Teaching - Digital Technologies


Digital Technologies


Sacred Heart School provides students with the tools and equipment to engage in a contemporary world.

Students will develop skills in research, thinking and analysis, publishing, communication, collaboration and design.

Students at Sacred Heart School have many and varied opportunities to develop skills and capabilities to use Digital Technologies.


Students use a variety of technologies to:

  • create

  • communicate

  • attempt to solve problems

  • work independently and collaboratively


Students at Sacred Heart School have many opportunities to explore the varied digital technologies available across the school. Digital Technologies is incorporated into all areas of our curriculum. Students have access to a variety of technology incorporating both Apple Mac and Windows platforms. Students have access to desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices, such as iPads. Students in different levels participate in a 1 device to 1 student ratio, connecting students to the world using a variety of digital devices. Our students in Years 4-6 have 1:1 iPads to support their learning. All students are exposed to a variety of coding activities with and without devices, such as 'beebots and spheros'. 



Students at Sacred Heart School have access to a large variety of software on the school network, as well as access to the school Intranet where teachers compile appropriate sites related to class learning. Students begin to compile digital evidence of their learning through the saving of work samples on the school network. Students are encouraged to develop keyboard skills through regular online challenges.