Learning & Teaching - Mathematics




Sacred Heart provides a Mathematics curriculum that is rich and stimulating. As the Australian Curriculum is implemented our aim is to challenge, engage and support students across the three content strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

The proficiency strands Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning will form an integral part of mathematics content, reinforce the significance of working mathematically and provide the language essential to the learning of mathematics. At a staff level, we have worked with John Munro (Melb. Uni.) to focus on the literacy requirements of Mathematics and we continue to be both explicit and consistent in the use of vocabulary in our teaching of this subject.

The learning environment is supportive and promotes independence as the children are challenged to develop deep levels of thinking related to numeracy. The timetable sets aside five hours each week for formal Mathematics lessons but opportunities for learning Mathematics are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. In Mathematics classes activities are carefully planned to match student’s needs and teachers work with small focus groups to consolidate and extend skills. Our assessment is based on the SINE program.