Learning & Teaching - The Arts


The Arts

The Arts program at Sacred Heart is a vibrant, sequential program which in music, incorporates the methodology of Zoltan Kodaly.

Students of Arts gain confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of Arts disciplines.

The Arts program includes: Performing Arts: Music, Drama, Dance, Media


Students perform, improvise, respond and listen with purpose. They study music elements and gain aesthetic knowledge of a variety of music from different times, styles and cultures.

Visual Arts
This includes the fields of art, craft and design. Art is taught by a
 specilaist teacher, using a variety of Arts media. Students explore Visual Arts techniques and processes.

The Studio
Our Art Studio, completed in 2011, has children inspired to study and appreciate Indigenous, Australian, historical, contemporary and modern art. Every second year Sacred Heart has an Art Show to exhibit the students' art pieces.


Drama classes allow students to develop confidence and gain self-esteem to explore and take on roles for drama presentations. Drama takes place in a theatre, with props and costumes. Improvisation, mime, role play, small group  and whole class works are based on a range of stimuli including puppetry.

We have a whole school concert in third term every second year.


The Dance program, with specialist teachers from the company Dance Fever/Footsteps, allows for creative movement, spatial awareness,  development of elements of movement and composition to perform dance sequences with control, precision, confidence and coordination.
A focus on Ballroom Dancing assists students to cooperate with respect,  maturity and sensitivity to others. Dance competition and performance and inter-school interaction are features of the program. The program culminates with a Dance Evening.