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Sacred Heart School has a long and proud tradition of education in Kew. Sacred Heart School was founded in 1875, located as a Church/School at the corner of Walpole and Walton Streets, Kew. From these beginnings, two Sisters of the Faithful Companions of Jesus (F.C.J.) established the school in 1889,with an initial enrolment of 27. In 1900, the foundation stone of the new school, situated in Cotham Road, was laid by Archbishop Carr and, on 18th August, 1901, the 'new school hall' building was ready for occupation. 

We owe a great debt to the F.C.J. Sisters whose great work and determination laid the foundations for this wonderful Sacred Heart School. 

Sacred Heart School is a vibrant and engaging learning community where each person feels a sense of worth and belonging. Our school aims to create an atmosphere where each child is known, challenged, supported and encouraged to be happy and successful learners. We aim to develop a sense of belonging within the school, parish and wider community for each child. We work in partnership with parents to provide the children with security in a caring Christian climate.  

Sacred Heart School provides a caring and supportive learning environment where our professional staff encourages each student to aim high and achieve his/her goals. The self esteem of students is at the forefront of everything we do at Sacred Heart School. We want each student to be proud of his/her achievements and celebrate these with the school community. We will work in partnership with parents to provide your child with security in a caring Christian climate. 

There are many opportunities where school, family and community can gather. These experiences are essential in forming relationships with others in the school community so I invite all families to get involved and be part of our welcoming, nurturing community.  

Our school provides educational programs, which cater for the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development of all students in a contemporary learning environment. We aim to provide a comprehensive curriculum with a strong emphasis on using contemporary tools to equip every child with the necessary skills for their future education.  

Our teaching is underpinned by the strong sense of our Catholic faith and heritage. We see our Religious Education program as an integral part of our curriculum. At Sacred Heart we believe that the Parish, school and family all contribute to the faith development of the child. It is important to be present at our Liturgical and Sacramental celebrations as well as discussing the messages in the Gospel with your child. These messages provide a framework about how we interact with those around us. 

Our student behaviour management system is based on justice, respect and concern for others.   

We have a strong program of student leadership and a proud tradition of Social Justice is being established, led by example and the active involvement of our senior students.

Should you gain admission for your child, we hope that through your involvement you and your child will come to feel very much part of the Sacred Heart School community.