Our School - Vision & Mission


Vision Statement 

Sacred Heart gives all hope for the future 

Empowers and inspires   

Acts and transforms

Centred in Christ


Mission Statement   

Sacred Heart is centred in Christ… 

 Nurturing the dignity of each person

Promoting respectful relationships

Challenging injustice and leading change

Providing an environment that is safe

Learning, growing and celebrating

Veritas Semper – Truth Always


Sacred Heart School is a welcoming environment where our aim is to ensure that all students and their families feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. Our staff and our parents make every effort to welcome and include all individuals in our activities and we pride ourselves on our strong community spirit and our happy and friendly environment. There is a genuine sense of caring for others within our community.



Our school community believes strongly in social justice and we build a sense of global awareness – that people beyond our boundaries may benefit from our support and that we can, and do, make a positive difference in our world.

We aim to foster a community of lifelong learners where we set high expectations for ourselves and high expectations for our whole school.

We aim to support our students to experience success and fulfillment, a sense of purpose, hope, confidence and positive self esteem.