Our School - History


Sacred Heart School, Kew



Timeline of our History

1872 Jesuits purchased land in Walpole Street

1875 Archbishop Goold laid the foundation stone for a Catholic School

1889 FCJ Sisters opened a school and presbytery purchased in Walpole Street

1890 Sacred Heart Parish formed and Fr. Patrick Fallon appointed the first Parish Priest

1899 Present site of the Sacred Heart Church acquired by Dr. Carr. Plans were for a Church, school and presbytery.

1900 Foundation stone for Cotham Road school hall laid by Archbishop Carr

1901 Sacred Heart School moved from Walpole Street to Cotham Road hall

1909 Hall first used as a Church

1910 Rev. P. O’Donohoe died.

1918 Foundation stone for Sacred Heart Church laid by Archbishop Mannix

1921 Archbishop Mannix opened and blessed Sacred Heart Church

1931 New classrooms were built for the school

1931 Fr. John Manley died. Fr. Patrick Rafferty became the Parish Priest

1937 St. Anne’s Parish, East Kew started

1940-41 Fr. Rafferty died and was replaced by Dr. William Collins.

1948 The school hall was damaged in a fire. The classrooms were not affected.

1959 Dr. Collins died. Fr. Bernard Geoghegan, followed by Fr. John Duggan, became Parish Priests

1963(approx.) The school lost the Grades 7 & 8 in line with the Education Department policy

1974 Four new classrooms were built

1977 Fr. Michael Rafter became the Parish Priest

1978 The school converted a classroom into a library with a Commonwealth Grant.

1989 New adventure playground equipment purchased and installed in the school grounds

1995 Fr William Malcolm Crawford becomes Parish Priest

2007-8 Opening of ICT lab, new library. Administration building refurbished.

2009 Fr. Michael Kalka appointed Parish Priest 

2011 (August 8) Bishop Leslie Tomlinson VG blessed the St. Mary of the Cross Chapel. It was the 30th Anniversary of Fr. Michael Kalka’s ordination.

2011 Running track added to oval area. 

2012 ( February 5) Fr. Michael Kalka is announced as Archpriest. (Equivalent to Monsignor)

2012 Fr. Michael Kalka opened and blessed the new Multi-Purpose Building, Art Studio and new classrooms. New tennis club built.

2012 New adventure playground built. Staffroom refurbished.

2016 Playground Canopy Built.

2017 New Junior Playground built. 


1890-1892   Fr. Patrick Fallon appointed the first Parish Priest
1892-1893   Fr. William Quilter
1893-1910   Fr. Patrick O’Donohoe
1910-1931   Fr. John Manly
1931-1939   Fr. Patrick Rafferty
1940            Fr. Peter O’Brien
1941-1959   Dr. William Collins
1959            Fr. Bernard Geoghegan
1959-1977   Fr. John Duggan
1977-1995   Fr. Michael Rafter
1995-2009   Fr. William Malcolm Crawford
2009-2018   Fr. Michael Kalka
2018-           Fr John Madden